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When I saw a smoked meat shop had opened in Markham, I didn’t really bat an eye. But when I heard the guy working there had worked at Schwartz’s for over a decade and a half…I lost my mind. I came here after a media event next door. As soon as I walked in, it just felt right. I’m not always the biggest fan of smoked meat, but being that I haven’t had a good one in a while, I found myself a bit more excited than I expected.

Mr Six Fried Chicken

What the hell is Beijing Fried Chicken? 

When I saw this posted on the wall, I had to stop and go in. Had to. Mr Six Fried Chicken is a new chicken spot located near Midland and Finch. The place is so tiny but they still managed to sneak in a few tables and even a booth. It looks more like a Krispys or another one of those small fried chicken joints.

Fortune House

Fortune House is a Cantonese restaurant around Huntingwood and Birchmount Rd. The restaurant is located in a shopping plaza with great places like Chris Jerk in the same location. However, this little Canto place is a bit dingy on the outside and just as dingy inside. The decor looks rather old, with specials and menu items sprawled on colored paper along the walls (similar to other cheaper Cantonese joints).

Magic Noodle

Magic Noodle and places like it are spreading like wildfire and rightfully so! This small little restaurant is popular for their hand pulled noodles, mostly doused in soup. The place inside is tiny and they do a good job of getting as many people in there as possible, but lineups do tend to be frequent despite being open 24 hours a day.

The Dumpling King

Northern style Chinese Restaurant that offers up more than just dumplings and northern style dim sum. The place itself is located in the Chinese plaza hiding around the Midland/Finch area. The restaurant is rather clean and service is real quick actually.

Le Cafe Michi

Looking at the prices for Le Cafe Michi, I was caught a bit off guard as most everything is more expensive than other places. I thought the food had better be good and it actually was! The place is tiny like a small cafe with a sushi bar in the back that is a bit hidden. The cakes and such are on display as soon as you walk in, but it can get a bit cramp, especially when there's a crowd. Menu offers some Japanese cafe dishes along with sushi.

Asian Legend

Asian Legend is such a solid place but I always find that this location differs from the others.This location in particular is located on Sheppard and Brimley, right by the Brimley Chinese center. I almost view it like Congee Queen, but for more mainland Chinese style dishes.

Umji - Thumbs Up Korean

Thumbs Up is a Korean restaurants in a small plaza on Pharmacy and Sheppard. The place itself might look small from the outside but it's rather large inside and seating won't be an issue. They serve all Korean dishes with minor influence from others.

The Real McCoy Burgers & Pizza

Here's the real deal on the Real McCoy. The place is a certified hole in the wall with a pair of cool dudes whipping up some mean burgers. The place isn't much to look at minus some plaques scattered on the wall and a dining area that consists of 2 bar stools and an old countertop.

Silver Star BBQ

Silver Star BBQ is a brand new Northern style Chinese restaurant that opened up where the old Chinese Halal restaurant used to be. The menu offers Northern classics like lamb kebabs, noodle soups, and a multitude of spicy dishes

Pho 88 Vietnamese Restaurant

People I've talked to love this place.'s mediocre at best.

Not sure if Pho 88 is a chain restaurant as it has locations pretty much everywhere. (Many Viet restaurants just names themselves "Pho (Insert Number)" anyways) The place itself is located in a small strip mall where the Foody Mart is. Menu is big and offers up all the Viet staples, but with more Chinese influence.

Nawzar Meat Market

Fantastic little meat (they spell Meat wrong) shop and hot food place. Nawzar is run by this friendly eccentric owner who really made a place like this welcoming. As soon as you walk in, you'll realize there's very little room to maneuver around. 

Caribbean Wave

Caribbean Wave was this unique blend of Caribbean food with a bit of Asian influence. Dishes like jerk chicken fried rice, lo mein, chow mein, and egg rolls make you think you're ordering at a Hakka Chinese place (but hopefully way better).