Toronto Food Fest

Toronto Food Fest

Toronto Food Fest
5183 Sheppard Avenue E
Toronto, ON M1B 5Z5


Toronto Food Fest is just one of the many food festivals that the city and Greater Toronto throw in the summer time. Amidst all the ribfests and Taste of "insert region here", TO Food Fest is a showcase of most things GTA East. Being that much of the vendors here are from all over the GTA (primarily East), you get WAY more ethnic cuisine options.

Notable items this year included raindrop cake, rolled ice cream, hot baos and buns, sushi burritos, poke, and a multitude of other unique items. As well, you get your usual mobile options and food trucks here as well.


I walked around a bit trying to figure out what to get. Wasn't overly hungry, but that has never stopped my fat ass before. Stopped by Merienda and got their pork belly sandwich and "chicken and waffles", which were fried adobo chicken. The pork belly was nice and plump and I love the filipino sweet buttered buns. The chicken adobo was a bit dry though but had a nice crunch on the exterior.


Close by, I went for more filipino food (there were so many damn filipino options!). This time, at Marcelina's, I got 2 BBQ pork skewers for $5. The pork skewers were big, tender, and flavorful. The smell was intoxicating and the skewers had a nice charcoal flavor and crunch, to go with the sweet marinade layed out on them.


The longest line was for Drink From A Fruit, which was a complete ripoff. The choices were pineapple, mango, or coconut. The girl really wanted one so I couldn't say no. They don't have the price listed, but for $10, I couldn't help but feel trapped considering I had waited in line for 15 min (not bad compared to other festivals). The drink wasn't really a slushy and was just blended watermelon juice thrown into half a small watermelon.


Hot Bunzz was nice. I was attracted because of all the different kinds they had. Thai Basil Beef and Surf and Turf were the sexiest sounding things they had. The surf and turf had some decent size pieces of lobster meat on it, which is not bad for the price at all!


Donations are made at the door and are only $2. The parking situation is intense, but not as bad as most festivals. You'll be able to find street parking spots along the many condos that are located in the area. Don't bother trying to get a spot in the tiny lot that connects to the fairgrounds. Make sure to bring cash as no places take card. Lineups are not bad at all either, so definitely worth a trip, especially if you like Asian food (lots of filipino food).


Location: B+ | Parking: C+

Ambience: C+ | Staff/Service: B | Price: C+ | Food: B


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