7100 Woodbine Avenue, Unit 100
Markham, ON L3R 5J2
(905) 604-1904


Japanese AYCE (All You Can Eat) is something I hadn't seen before in the GTA (though I wasn't actively looking). Similar to the Korean BBQ grill table, they have a grill set in the middle of your table, in which you can place items to cook for yourself. They have a wide variety of different menu options ranging from starches, meats, seafood, and veggies.


When you first start, they get you one of each so that you can give everything a try. I loved that idea as it was nice to see which thing tasted good enough to order again. It was a little overwhelming trying to remember what everything was, but great experience.


The beef section is fantastic and is definitely the section that requires multiple orders. Everything on it was great from the short rib to the brisket meat, and the tongue. The short rib is perfectly marbled and is ideal for the grill because everything melts when it hits the mouth.


The pork meats were mediocre. I thought nothing really stood out flavor wise or anything. I was excited for the pork cheek and the pork belly, but not much flavor, though both had nice tenderness to it. The chicken meat is good but like pork, needs more seasoning or marinade.


I was impressed with the veggies as they had a good variety that were unique to me like the sweet potato and enoki mushrooms in butter. They are served in a small aluminum tray that you just leave atop the grill to heat. The buttered enoki mushrooms were fantastic. Side dishes were standard, but the salmon carpaccio was a nice addition. Very flavorful and good quality.


Dessert is either creme brulee (in said aluminum tray) or melona bars which is a bit odd, but I'm a fan of the bars anyways. Pretty effortless and no real creativity here, but the goal is to get full off the meat anyways. Goal accomplished.


Gyubee is a new restaurant in Markham that purports to bring this concept of Japanese grilling to Toronto. It ended up just reminding me of every other AYCE Korean BBQ joint, though the quality is definitely better. I came for my birthday so I'm glad I got to try it out though.


Ambience: B+ | Service: B+ | Price: B- | Food: B+


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