Seoul Food Meat Company

Seoul Food Meat Company


Seoul Food Meat Company
1400 S. Church St
Charlotte, NC 28203
United States
(980) 299-5143

If you ever find yourself in Charlotte, North Carolina, make sure you stop at Seoul Food Meat Company in the South End. I've been to Charlotte a couple of times now, and I honestly find the city to be kinda boring and with not much in the culinary side of things (outside of some BBQ and Fried Chicken). After the Panthers game, my friend and I were looking for something to eat (that was not just a bar or standard American fare) and he stumbled upon Seoul Food Meat Company.


The play on words indicates that it is a Korean Southern fusion that looked to mix quite a number of comfort food staples with some Korean influence. The result is wonderful. The menu offered a variety of unique dishes that you don't come across much of anywhere in the South.


With our eyes being so hungry, we ordered a bunch. Ram' N Cheese, Bulgogi Taco, Smoked Loaf, Crispy Pork Belly, and their Fire Chicken. On top of it all, we also ordered a small order of Korean Fried Chicken Wings (6 wings), half and half. Half were soy glazed and sweet, while the other half was coated in their spicy sauce. I wanted a large but our waitress wisely told us that it might be too much food and she was right.


Starting with what was good...the chicken. Their Fried Chicken wings were incredible. I do love myself some KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) and this was some of the best I've had in my limited samplings. The batter was crisp throughout and the wings were enormous. The sauce for the soy glazed wings were light and sweet. The spicy was very saucy but was not very spicy (still tasted good).


Their specialty fire chicken was also pretty great. They use grilled chicken dark and white meat. The meat is so tender! I don't know how they made it so tender without drying it out from the oven. The cheese was perfectly melty and the sauce was slightly spicy with a great chargrilled flavor.


The smoked loaf was good. It was a combination of house meats that included pork and beef. It's a unique take on western meatloaf with Korean flavors. The cream sauce on top was a bit overkill and the loaf was fine on its own with the side of Korean BBQ sauce.


The Bulgogi Taco was decent. The meat was flavorful, while the slaw on top added a nice sweetness and crunch to the taco. The tortilla shell was big, but because of all the juice, it all gushed out the other side with every bite. Tacos should be messy, but this was a bit much. Still great combination of flavors though.


The Ram'N Cheese was their take on Mac and cheese with Ramen. This dish was the worst one. The cheese was dripping and the ramen didn't really make sense? The layer of cheese would go on top, and the bottom of the dish got nothing (despite how wet the cheese was). We tried mixing as much as we could, but the ramen sticks together. Just a mess overall. If we had just ordered this, this review would be so much different. However, the other dishes more than made up for this mistake.


Amazing job with their crispy pork belly. Kudos on getting meat on every bite with such crisp skin. The fat wasn't overly greasy and every bite had that nice bit of saltiness without overdoing it like many places do. The small was more than enough and would have loved to see what the large looked like!


Finished it all with a watermelon lemonade that they also make in house. Not very sweet, but I liked it like that. Any bit of sour from lemons is balanced out by the watermelon.


Overall, the place was wonderful. Some of the dishes were pretty bleh. However, the ones we did enjoy were spectacular. Portion size is NO issue here. They give you so much! Their specialty Fried Chicken Wings and Fire Chicken were amazing. Service was great as the waitress was super friendly, answered all questions, and made sure we had everything we needed without us even asking. Not sure if I'll be back in Charlotte, but if so, this place will be a must visit for me.

Ambience: B+ | Service: A | Price: A- | Food – A


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