Hattie B’s Chicken

Hattie B’s Chicken


Hattie B's Chicken
112 19th Ave S
Nashville, TN 37203
United States
(615) 678-4794

Dear God, Thank you for blessing us with Hattie B's Chicken.


I'm not going to lie. The fat boy in me was excited to go to Nashville for Hot Chicken. Country Music? I HATE Country music. But damn I love chicken.


I know it's Nashville HOT Chicken, but I only opted for Medium spice because I did not want to know just how hot it could get (plus I was going out to Lower Broadway and Honky Tonk Center, so did not want any stomach pains to stop me). They let you choose your sides, additional pieces of chicken, and drinks. So I added a chicken tender, fries, mac and cheese, and sweet tea. Had to do it real Southern.


The Fried Chicken. Lord have mercy. It was good. This was my first taste of Nashville Hot Chicken and it was everything I thought it would be and more. Just so you guys know, I had some unfairly high expectations for hot chicken. They were met.


The chicken was very crispy on the outside with an exterior shell of batter that was soaked in sauce, but was not soggy! It defied logic. The oil does gush out a bit as you bite into it, but it was more like very spicy oil that you add to chicken anyway. The meat inside was moist and tender. Because the batter was like a crisp shell, the inside was steaming. Do be careful. It is all served traditionally on a slice of white bread (mainly used to soak up oil - I did not eat it) and pickles on top.


The fries were your standard crinkle cut fries that were coated in their seasoning. Nice touch. The mac and cheese were also OK. Nothing special. They have shell pasta that is covered in cheese with no spice or crunch to add anything special. Sweet Tea is good sweet tea that isn't overly sweet. No liquid diabetes here.

Be prepared to lineup. The place is perpetually packed and lineups seem to start from the time it opens until the time it closes. There's a decent amount of seating in the main dining area and a small patio out front. The parking situation blows, but there is a private lot in the back where you can pay roughly $8/hr. Not much choice, but street parking is free after 6pm. Good Luck finding a spot though. Do NOT let that deter you though. Fucking uber or taxi if you have to, but make your way to Hattie B's.

Best Hot Chicken in Nashville.

Ambience: A- | Service: A | Price: A | Food: A


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