Lady Marmalade

Lady Marmalade


Lady Marmalade
898 Queen Street E
Toronto, ON M4M 1J3
(647) 351-7645

You don't have to go to the downtown core for good brunch. As a matter of fact, Lady Marmalade in Leslieville is considered one of the best brunch spots in all of Toronto proper. If you don't believe me, you could try coming to the place when it opens and check the lineup for yourself. This brunch joint on Queen St. offers signature bennies and other breakfast favorites.


The menu has some cool looking things like cheddar spinach waffles, breakfast poutine, and huevos rancheros!? However, I've heard that they might have the best eggs benedict in the city. My girl and I obviously had to test this theory out. I ordered the Cochinita Pibil Pulled Pork Benny, while the girl go the Brie, Avocado, and Bacon Benny. They all come with house potatoes and salad.

Eggs Benedict can oftentimes be judged with how well the egg is cooked. Lady Marmalade makes a perfectly poached egg. As soon as you prick the egg, the yolk oozes out like lava out of a volcano. As it melts down into the pulled pork, you'll get to lap it up with the hollandaise sauce. The pulled pork was done very well. It's cooked with red onions as well and has a nice kick to it, which is enhanced with the side of habanero salsa.


The girl ordered the Brie, Avocado, Bacon Benny. The BABB tasted even better than mine! Perfect combination of brie cheese and avocado because of the creaminess. It meshes well with the crunch and saltiness of the bacon.


I don't know why we felt we needed an "app" for brunch, but the girl would not take no for an answer. She wanted the fruit crepe so badly (not bad enough to give up the eggs benny), so we ordered one up. Fresh kiwis, oranges, apples, and berries with granola. They drizzle some raspberry sauce and dust some powdered sugar to make the dish look as good as it tasted. The crepe itself was Ok, but the fruits were so sweet. Loved that.


The food here is pretty solid. Service is outstanding, efficient, and fast. Is it the best brunch in Toronto? Is it worth the long lineup? TBD. I will say that we enjoyed everything that was provided. I can't imagine anyone really having a bad meal here either. Worth checking out if you love brunch, especially eggs benedict.


Ambience: B+ | Service: A | Price: B | Food: B+


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