Caribbean Wave

Caribbean Wave


Caribbean Wave
875 Milner Avenue, Suite 106
Toronto, ON M1B 5N6
(416) 286-9283

Caribbean Wave was this unique blend of Caribbean food with a bit of Asian influence. Dishes like jerk chicken fried rice, lo mein, chow mein, and egg rolls make you think you're ordering at a Hakka Chinese place (but hopefully way better). The place is real nice and clean on the inside...and one of the few Caribbean places who enjoy having A/C as well...


One item we had to order for an appetizer was the Fried Shark! I even had to double check with the waitress to see if it was real shark and she said it was. Not sure if this is a popular dish or anything, but was curious to know exactly what that was like. It has a meaty texture like chicken, but is very fishy. There wasn't much flavor for the meat, and though it was nice to try, I wouldn't get it again.


The Curry Duck was an interesting dish. I enjoyed the flavor of the curry. It was a dark and oily green and brown color that was runny like Indian curry. The spices were heavy and was ideal for rice (which they really give a whole lot of). The duck portion was reasonable for the price and with some potatoes was good. I enjoyed the curry more than the duck as I felt the duck, though meaty, did not have its flavor come out in full force and was overpowered by the curry.


The Jerk Chicken Chow Mein was great. The Jerk chicken was tender and covered in sauce. The chicken was tender, and had a wonderful spicy kick to it. The noodles soaked in a lot of the jerk sauce and led to a spicy flavor throughout.


The Caribbean Wave Fried Rice and Lo Mein was incredible. It comes with a variety of meats, and is topped off with a portion of their fried chicken. I loved the fried chicken as it wasn't the crispiest, but definitely tasted incredible. For the rice, it was cooked great without any of the oil. The noodles were done well, though a bit soggy. The other meats included some pork, chicken, and shrimp. They were OK but were more of an auxiliary portion.


I only wish this place were closer. Our server was very nice and was good with all our questions (also cute too). The place is well kept and prices were good (though the shark was overpriced around $10). If not for distance, I would frequent this place a bit more. Really enjoyed much of the food as did my coworkers.

Ambience: B | Service: A- | Price: A- | Food: B+


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