All in Markham - Ontario

Yin Ji Chang Fen

Yin Ji Chang Fen is a new HK street food restaurant located in the same plaza as the T&T. They serve up late night eats that include some dim sum items as well. Famous for their rice noodle rolls, they also serve congee, curry fish balls, and sticky rice on the menu.

Hibiki Japanese Cuisine

Hibiki Sushi is a nice little sushi restaurant located in Markham on Hwy 7, close to Unionville. The interior of the restaurant is very nice, and the sushi bar is present as soon as you walk in, though there are way more tables that can accompany larger groups as well.

Good Catch Boil House

Good Catch Boil House is a new seafood boil restaurant in Markham around Birchmount and Hwy 7. The place itself is located by the Cineplex Markham Theatre and is HUGE. These seafood boil places are popping up all over the city and there is a huge boom for it right now. However, the big differentiator here is the rather diverse menu and giant sports bar feel behind it. 

George’s Tastee Bakery & Deli

Tastee Bakery is this small little bakery (though not so small inside) that is camouflaged amongst all these industrial buildings. They are a popular chain that is sold across all of the GTA. This brick and mortar bakery (and attached store) offers up Jamaican food like Jerk Pork and Jamaican Patties.


Japanese AYCE (All You Can Eat) is something I hadn't seen before in the GTA (though I wasn't actively looking). Similar to the Korean BBQ grill table, they have a grill set in the middle of your table, in which you can place items to cook for yourself.