All in Miami - Florida

Eating House

Eating House is one of the more popular restaurants in Miami for some time now. A well known establishment that seems to be more focused on their brunch (with some of their brunch items being offered all day). Located in the Gables, this place is consistently packed and reservations are definitely recommended. They offer classic American fare with some little twists here and there.

Miami Smokers Urban Smokehouse

Miami Smokers Urban Smokehouse made me believe that it was a BBQ joint where I could get smoked meat, ribs, and maybe even some brisket? (Fingers crossed). However, it is a place for all things pork. Acting more as a deli/charcuterie that offers up a wide variety of pig products and plates. The menu offers many different sandwiches, sausage plates, and even whole pigs and candied bacon!? 

Sakaya Kitchen

Sakaya Kitchen is the brick and mortar restaurant that stems from Dim Ssam a Go Go. This food truck turned restaurant offers Asian fusion at its finest that borrows from a variety of Asian cuisines and mashes them well with American cuisine. Offerings like Bulgogi Chunk’d Tots, Bulgogi burgers, Duck Baos, and Korean Fried Chicken Wings are some of what is on the menu.

Enriquetas Cafe

Enriquetas is a small Cuban cafeteria that is, honestly, in the middle of nowhere. The place itself is surrounded by nothing, but it stands alone as one of the top mentioned places for the best Cuban sandwich in all of Miami. From the Miami Times to Eater and Thrillist, this little cafeteria has gained quite the reputation, so I obviously needed to go.

Pueblito Viejo

Pueblito Viejo is a Colombian restaurant located on Bird Rd right across from Tropical Park. The place is a rather large stand alone restaurant that looks like a rather “old house” from afar. The inside looks like something out of an old museum for those who suffer from ADHD.

El Rey De Las Fritas

The Frita is a Miami staple and definitely one of the unique items you should include on a trip to Miami. El Rey de Las Fritas was my first taste of a Frita way back when, but I recently came back to have it again and it was better than I remembered.