All in North York - Ontario

Aburi Room

There are few things that I enjoy more than torched sushi. It's such a simple concept and I just about love everything about it, from the beautiful smell of a nice sear to the beautiful butane torches that has me transfixed on each piece of delectable fish.

When I heard they were opening a restaurant to the likeness of Miku Toronto, BUT uptown in the Willowdale region, I was sold. Aburi Room capitalizes on the growing trend of aburi sushi, which is essentially seared sushi.

Konjiki Ramen

I have Ramen snobs for friends, so when they heard that Tokyo based Konjiki Ramen was coming to Toronto, they were elated to say the least. This popular "concept ramen" restaurant comes highly recommended via Michelin's Bib Gourmand ratings for the last several years. Their chef Atsushi Yamamoto is highly regarded and am glad to see him bring a spot to Toronto.

Symposium Cafe

The Symposium Cafe is the standard family restaurant. It's just an old-fashioned type restaurant that serves up something for everyone. It's versatile, but doesn't specifically specialize in anything at all. If a diner had a modernized makeover, it would look like the Symposium Cafe. Nothing wrong with that, but it is what it is. They have a wide variety of selections from breakfast items to sandwiches, burgers, and salads. 

Shinobu Sushi

One of the better sushi spots you'll find in the GTA.Shinobu Sushi is a tiny quaint little restaurant on Yonge near Lawrence. On this tiny strip of street, you'll find a place that seats about 20 people serving up very good sushi. You have to make reservations if you expect to get seating at the place, especially during the weekends.

Congee Queen - Centerpoint Mall

Congee Queen has another location and this one is just as good as the others. This one is a bit hard to find but it is located on the South side of Centrepoint Mall by the No Frills. The place itself is rather large and can accompany any size table from just the two of you to a larger group of 10+. The service here is actually on the friendlier side and I've always thought they were nicer than most Chinese restaurants.

Dazzling Cafe

The Dazzling Cafe is yet another Taiwanese chain that is making its way to the Greater Toronto Area. This particular chain is popular in Taiwan and already has locations in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and British Columbia to name a few. When you walk in, you can see where they get their name as it is a rather elegant looking interior that is both modern chic yet has a young vibe to it. The offerings are primarily dessert with a few pasta, pizza, and rice dishes thrown into the mix. And of course, the fruitiest drinks possible.


Stack is a BBQ restaurant in Uptown Toronto, North York around Yonge St. and Lawrence. The restaurant looks more like a sports bar and the interior is rather cool. The menu offers up lots of BBQ options like brisket, pulled pork, chicken, and ribs. The more impressive options were the wide variety of sandwiches and burgers they had as well.

MyMy Chicken

MyMy Chicken is a new Korean Fried Chicken joint that opened up in, you guessed it, Koreatown North (Yonge Sheppard-Finch). The place itself is a fried chicken chain that comes from South Korea and this is their first North American venue.

Wolfie’s Delicatessen

Wolfie's Deli is a neighborhood delicatessen that emulates much of what the other delis around town do. The place itself has a bit of history, as evidenced by the photos plastered across the place. They have an old school feel to it, and you'll see it all on display.