Cherry St Barbecue

Cherry St Barbecue


Cherry St Barbecue
275 Cherry Street
Toronto, ON M5A 3L3
(416) 461-5111


In a pretty remote location near Polson Pier down in Toronto, there is a place doing Texas style Pit Smoked BBQ. Cherry St BBQ is a stand alone brick and mortar offering. Though there isn't much else happening in the area, there stands this restaurant and they want to bring some of the best bbq that Toronto has to offer. But does it really offer good Texas BBQ? Or is just another "Toronto Good" BBQ?


When you walk in, they have the feel of a BBQ pit stop complete with wooden everything. The big thing that jumps out is not the interior of their main dining area, but the massive patio that they have off to the side. THIS is where you want to be. The view is that of the nothingness that is the Portlands, but the sunshine and the clear skies are quite a sight.

The menu here is an offering of all things Texas style. They want to shift focus onto the ribs and the brisket, and those just happen to be my 2 favorite BBQ items. 


I came with a couple of friends and we ordered a BBQ platter to share. You have to order by the pound and we had some brisket, sausage, and ribs. The meats come with white bread slices (a touch of authenticity but I hate it personally), and a side of pickled onions and pickles.

Starting with the ribs, I can say that I did not personally enjoy them. Like, at all. The ribs were a bit stringy and tough and honestly, they tasted like candied ribs. Not sure if that was the intent, but they were overly sweet and almost tasted like ham? Why?


I'm hoping it gets better from here. The Brisket was great. I did enjoy the nice fatty layer on the brisket that accompanies a hunking piece of meat. There was a nice smoke ring and equally smoky flavor from the dry rub. Very simple. Let the meat shine through and Cherry St did just that.

The sausage was good, however, it looked like it was stuffed with cheese or fat? Whatever it was, it was off-putting. If it was cheese...why weren't we aware? If it was fat, then you guys really need to cook that sausage through further. A solidified string of fat is nothing that needs to be in my sausage. That fat should be in liquid form and dripping down my mouth or on my clothes where it belongs.


Overall, pretty disappointed in the sausage and ribs. The brisket was great but it couldn't save my overall opinion on the place. Service was good and the whole feel of the place coupled with the great outdoor patio makes it a great spot to hang out with friends for some drinks. Maybe some brisket too. Hard pass on the ribs though...

Ambience: A- | Service: B+ | Price: C+ | Food: C


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