Colette Grand Cafe

Colette Grand Cafe


Colette Grand Cafe
550 Wellington Street W
Toronto, ON M5V 2V5
(647) 348-7000


Fuck, this place looks amazing. When I first pulled up, I was thinking "This doesn't look that nice". When you walk in, that perception is left at the front door. 


Colette is a beautiful place inside (with beautiful people as well). We came for the boujee brunch buffet. We had Chase Gift cards, and the wife has been bugging me about splurging on a nice brunch place. Knock out two birds with one stone.


When you first sit down, you are greeted with smiles and asked for mimosas, coffee, tea, or juice. At each perfectly set table, there is an "omelette card" where you can select fillings and what kind of omelette you would like. I stuffed mine with pretty much anything I could...and extra cheese. Amazing. One of the better omelettes I've had in the city... at a buffet?


The main station has an assortment of salads, cold cuts, and cheese. Lots of selection in regards to the vegetables and different salads. My favorites included a pickled slaw and strawberry arugula salad. The cold cut charcuterie was nice, but the selection was slim. Loved the cheeses though.


Part of the main station was a seafood area where they had snow crab legs, lobster roll sliders, mussels, raw oysters, shrimp cocktail, and bisque. The snow crab legs had some good pieces, but mainly bad pieces. The lobster roll sliders were surprisingly good and had a good chunk of lobster meat from tail and claw. I ate so much damn shrimp cocktail too...


The other tables had some brunch staples like eggs benedict, bacon, potatoes, pancakes, sausages and what not. Obviously the bacon was stacked high because people kept going back for more. Their eggs benny were decent, but the biggest favorite was their fried chicken. Boneless chunks of fried chicken that weren't necessarily crispy, but fluffy and tasty. 

The station in the back has beef roast (which they submerge in jus), salmon bake, skewers, and more sausage. The beef roast was OK. The salmon bake was nice. It had a phyllo crust enveloping the salmon, so it was interesting.


Dessert consisted of various cakes, pastries, and fruits. There were some fairly decadent cakes like this chocolate tiramisu that had layers upon layers. So rich and requires a bit more appetite, so don't fill up before dessert.


The service is outstanding. They are always coming around refilling coffee and taking away plates so nothing clutters. The setting is beautiful and is ideal for girls "morning" out or brunch dates with the significant other. The price point is fairly high at around $55/per person, but worth it to splurge a bit here and there. 

Ambience: A | Service: A | Price: B- | Food: B


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