Le Lapin Sauté

Le Lapin Sauté


Le Lapin Sauté
52 Rue du Petit-Champlain
Quebec City, QC G1K 4H4
(418) 692-5325


Le Lapin Saute has one of the most beautiful patios I've seen in Canada. Placed right in the heart of the Quartier Petit Champlain, this restaurant easily has the best location of any in Old Quebec. Their patio actually connects to the main quarter of the street and though you may find the restaurant empty at times inside, you will never find it empty on the patio. Fine little french bistro.


This place is popular for their rabbit (hence the name), and the menu is rather simple and small. Rabbit and duck seem to be the primary meats here. If you don't like it, get the hell out of here.

I ordered the Rabbit. Wife ordered the Duck.

The Duck Confit Leg is classic French fare. A whole duck leg quarter that is deep fried in its own duck fat is pretty much what it is. They also deep fry the potatoes in duck fat as well. So much fat. But oh so good. The duck leg was nice, but a tad too sweet. Wanted more of a gamey flavor but nothing discernible. The potatoes are perfect. I'd fucking fry anything in duck fat if they came out like that. A salad also accompanies the plate, but who cares.


The Rabbit With Thyme and Garlic Sauce is the dish I ordered. I wanted to try other things like the poutine, but thought this would provide me the most rabbit. I was right. 

The rabbit meat is rather tender. It's all white meat and it tastes just like roasted chicken (except without the beautiful chicken skin). The rabbit meat is rather bland so the sauce is needed. Not the best sauce as it offers no real kick, spice, or anything besides heavy and savory. It was a lot of meat, but also quite a bit of bones. 


People basically come here for the beauty of the place. The patio, as mentioned before, is astonishing. The service here is fine. They run around everywhere trying to appease everyone, so just be ready for a bit of a wait when it's busy. Prices are not bad for something so touristy, and the portions ain't so bad either. I'll be back again. 



Ambience: A | Service: B | Price: B | Food: B-


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