Mojito Cubano

Mojito Cubano


Mojito Cubano
1510 Queen Street W
Toronto, ON M6R 1A4
(416) 533-7777


Not going to lie. I was expecting to be disappointed by Mojito Cubano. That's just what my expectations for Cuban restaurants have become here in Toronto. Don't like them. Call me snobby. I don't care. You're absolutely right. I am. I was born and raised in Miami and ate so much damn Cuban food that I never wanted Cuban food again when I left. Now I miss it terribly, and every option in Toronto has suffered to suffice. 


That's why when I heard about Mojito Cubano, my first reaction was "meh, probably just another overrated Cuban place". I went anyways hoping to be wrong. 

We started with their yuca frita and sweet plantains. The yuca frita is fried perfectly and tossed with ample amounts of garlic. A bit too much garlic for me, but the wife was head over heels. A little drizzle of oil as well, and it led to such beautiful yuca. The sweet plantains were lightly fried (no batter) as well and were extra sweet. Tender enough under the fork though so that was nice.


I ordered the Cubano Sandwich, because I have to. Even though I want other things, I have to get the Cuban Sandwich because it is a benchmark on which to judge many Cuban restaurants. The cubano here is definitely the best that Toronto has to offer thus far. The key here is the housemade Cuban bread that they use. It's all in the wonderful fluffy, but flaky bread that houses the ham, swiss, roast pork, pickles, and mustard. I cannot stand when hipsters try to fuck with the bread, using stupid things like rye, toast, baguettes, or whatever the fuck is trendy at the time. Use some real bread assholes.

The ingredients within the sandwich were amazing too. The sweet ham was cut thinly while the roast pork was hand cut and thick. Loved the melty cheese and lots of mustard and pickly flavor as well. 


The wife ordered the Ropa Vieja, which was incredible. I haven't had ropa vieja in some time, but the dish here was so tender and moist. Ropa Vieja (direct translation is "old clothes") is much more appetizing than the dumb name it has. It is braised flank steak that is cooked in a tomato based sauce and mixed in with other spices. The ropa vieja here is excellent because of the flavor profile as well. Love the use of the olives as well. So many people forget about it. Love the salty white rice and black beans. Ain't cuban rice if it aint a bit too salty.


And of course, they make a mean Mojito. Classic cuban drink and they don't skimp on the alcohol here. Slightly strong, but it just makes for a good complement to the food.


It's been a while since I've had good Cuban food and Mojito really brought it. I came with friends (who frequent Miami and join me on these Cuban food hunts) and they adored it. The service was absolutely stellar. The girl who looked after us was so friendly and always asking us about our opinions. I'm hoping these guys are here to stay. They are the best Cuban food I've had in Toronto thus far. Might not even be close.

Ambience: B | Service: A | Price: B | Food: A-


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