RH Courtyard Cafe

RH Courtyard Cafe


RH Courtyard Cafe
3401 Dufferin Street
Toronto, ON M6A 2T9
(416) 322-9422


When the RH (Restoration Hardware) store opened its doors in Yorkdale, I had a friend who was dying to go (don't know why? It's a fuckin furniture store though?) Regardless, we went. Fuck, it's beautiful. The store itself is huge and has overpriced furniture. Still beautiful. Now on the way out, we noticed all this food coming by us, so obviously my interest was piqued. They hd a cafe and friend was interested so booked some time to go and here we were.

Look at that picture above. It's stunning. The place was like walking through the inside of a Paris cafe, but in the midst of pompous Yorkdale mall. We were seated and provided menus that offered standard Canadian fare like lobster rolls, scrambled eggs, and burgers. The menu is rather small but just makes things easier. It is a furniture store, so I guess they have to focus on that first and foremost.

I split a main with my buddy. He got the RH Burger and I got the Prime Rib Dip. Our girls got Lobster roll and RH Scramble respectively. We pretty much got the 4 most popular dishes on the menu.

The RH Burger was good. It was a double patty that had sort of a big mac special sauce thing spread amongst the buns and between the patties. Its topped with sharp cheddar, lettuce, and tomatoes. Nice flavored burger, though a bit dry. 


The Prime Rib Dip was OK. I thought the first few bites were tasty as it is thinly shaved prime rib with a buttered and toasted roll. It comes with provolone and a side of au jus for dipping. Eventually, it becomes all too salty and it's nice to have a change of pace. Best to get a salad with this one to help cut the saltiness. 

The Lobster Roll was also good. There are some sizable chunks of lobster meat that they line up within their buttered Boston roll. The roll was crisp on the outside and the lobster meat was cool and clean. The seasoning was a bit lacking, but a spritz of lemon and served with fries is the way to go (but the girl got a salad - when will she learn?)


The RH Scramble is probably their most popular dish (or their truffled grilled cheese - why didn't I get that?? so stupid). Regardless, the scrambled eggs were actually cooked really nicely. This was probably the most well executed dish of the four as the eggs were slightly runny and had a nice velvety texture. It comes accompanied by a sliced salted avocado and 4 giant slices of texas toast. Who eats that much toast? Anyways, great dish. Good flavor and a staple for any brunch place.


Not sure if this place is meant to be a french bistro or something, but I'm hoping they refine the menu a bit more to include other more classic dishes like steak frites. The place is stunning though. This is definitely an IG worthy kind of place. Perfect for all these girls who run on IG likes to keep them going. Beautiful cafe, but I'm hoping the food could be better.


Ambience: A | Service: B | Price: C+ | Food: B-


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