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Fortune House

Fortune House is a Cantonese restaurant around Huntingwood and Birchmount Rd. The restaurant is located in a shopping plaza with great places like Chris Jerk in the same location. However, this little Canto place is a bit dingy on the outside and just as dingy inside. The decor looks rather old, with specials and menu items sprawled on colored paper along the walls (similar to other cheaper Cantonese joints).

Eating House

Eating House is one of the more popular restaurants in Miami for some time now. A well known establishment that seems to be more focused on their brunch (with some of their brunch items being offered all day). Located in the Gables, this place is consistently packed and reservations are definitely recommended. They offer classic American fare with some little twists here and there.

Union Chicken

Union Chicken is a rotisserie chicken restaurant at Sherway Gardens in Etobicoke. Located right at the south end of Sherway Gardens, the restaurant is pretty cool. Very warm and inviting inside with a peek into the chickens cooking on the rotisserie. Menu is basically chicken everything from dinner plates to sandwiches and some Southern influenced sides.  

MyMy Chicken

MyMy Chicken is a new Korean Fried Chicken joint that opened up in, you guessed it, Koreatown North (Yonge Sheppard-Finch). The place itself is a fried chicken chain that comes from South Korea and this is their first North American venue.

Iqbal Kebab

Iqbal Kebab is a small hidden restaurant located on Forest Hill right next to the Foodland supermarket. The place itself is rather small and is divided by just the kitchen/hot table counter and the dining room. We came during lunch and they have specials plastered on the wall as well as a dining room menu. They are focused around Middle Eastern cuisine with some Indian influence as well.


I really enjoyed Xawaash. Even the story behind how a husband/wife blogging combo realized their dream and started a restaurant adds a bit to it as well. But what it comes down to is the food and they didn't disappoint.