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DaiLo is a high end Chinese fusion restaurant that incorporates a lot of Cantonese dishes but with a bit of a Western Flair. Chef Nick Liu grew up with Hakka parents (much like myself), so a lot of the flavors are familiar to me. It is a highly renowned restaurant that has been on Top restaurant listings and is one of Canada's Top 100 Restaurants of 2017. 

Fortune House

Fortune House is a Cantonese restaurant around Huntingwood and Birchmount Rd. The restaurant is located in a shopping plaza with great places like Chris Jerk in the same location. However, this little Canto place is a bit dingy on the outside and just as dingy inside. The decor looks rather old, with specials and menu items sprawled on colored paper along the walls (similar to other cheaper Cantonese joints).

Dragon Chinese Restaurant

The Dragon Chinese restaurant is a Chinese restaurant located on top of another restaurant by the Calgary Bow. The place itself offers up some Chinese food away from Chinatown, but the dim sum is the reason we wanted to go. Not sure how dim sum in Calgary is, but this place was not very good.

The Dumpling King

Northern style Chinese Restaurant that offers up more than just dumplings and northern style dim sum. The place itself is located in the Chinese plaza hiding around the Midland/Finch area. The restaurant is rather clean and service is real quick actually.

Asian Legend

Asian Legend is such a solid place but I always find that this location differs from the others.This location in particular is located on Sheppard and Brimley, right by the Brimley Chinese center. I almost view it like Congee Queen, but for more mainland Chinese style dishes.

Mean Bao

Mean Bao is a fast food joint that offers up dim sum. They actually have several locations. This one in particular is rather small and dingy. The place itself is quite popular and the menu, which hangs on the wall, offers up a variety of steamed baos and some dim sum items.

Qing Feng Bun

Nice little Northern style Chinese bun restaurant by Midland and Finch. The place is tiny and is surrounded by some big name places, but I'm sure they get their regulars. They serve primarily steamed buns with some dumplings and soups to complement. 

La Maison VIP

Nice little gem in Montreal Chinatown. La Maison is a place that looks like it would be overlooked (had it not been for Yelp of course). The restaurant is located in Chinatown of Montreal and looks kinda shady from the outside. The menu had all the favorite Chinese dishes and we were off...

Premiere Ballroom & Convention Centre

Our visit to Premiere was strictly for the dim sum. As soon as you walk into the "ballroom", you feel like you walked into an old Victorian European museum. It's so weird to see Chinese restaurants have random pictures of European war heroes and royalty plastered on the wall? It makes it a bit more weird to be eating chicken feet while those paintings are staring back at me in disgust.

Sichuan Kung Fu Fish

If you can't handle spice, don't waste your time reading this.Really did enjoy Sichuan Kungfu Fish. I've been to several of these fish hotpot chalets that just boil fish in sauce with various toppings thrown in. This was probably one of the better ones I've been to. The real key behind this one is just how spicy their spicy can get.

Captain’s Catch

The Captain's Catch is a new Chinese seafood restaurant that replaces the old Congee Phoenix that was housed there before. Not to be confused with any of the New Orleans style seafood boil places, this restaurant is similar to all those Cantonese Seafood places with the lobster tanks showcasing what you'll be eating.