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Landmark Seafood

Landmark Seafood is a Chinese restaurant on McNicoll and Vic Park. The place looks more like a dingier banquet hall with the rather outdated decor and lighting. Despite that, this place is absolutely rammed for their dim sum because of their all-day low price special. (Pretty much around $2.50 per plate on weekends and $2.35 on weekdays. 


When I saw a smoked meat shop had opened in Markham, I didn’t really bat an eye. But when I heard the guy working there had worked at Schwartz’s for over a decade and a half…I lost my mind. I came here after a media event next door. As soon as I walked in, it just felt right. I’m not always the biggest fan of smoked meat, but being that I haven’t had a good one in a while, I found myself a bit more excited than I expected.

Aburi Room

There are few things that I enjoy more than torched sushi. It's such a simple concept and I just about love everything about it, from the beautiful smell of a nice sear to the beautiful butane torches that has me transfixed on each piece of delectable fish.

When I heard they were opening a restaurant to the likeness of Miku Toronto, BUT uptown in the Willowdale region, I was sold. Aburi Room capitalizes on the growing trend of aburi sushi, which is essentially seared sushi.

Cherry St Barbecue


In a pretty remote location near Polson Pier down in Toronto, there is a place doing Texas style Pit Smoked BBQ. Cherry St BBQ is a stand alone brick and mortar offering. Though there isn't much else happening in the area, there stands this restaurant and they want to bring some of the best bbq that Toronto has to offer. But does it really offer good Texas BBQ? Or is just another "Toronto Good" BBQ?


When I heard that Alo was going to create a little French bistro downstairs from its mother restaurant, I was excited. Excited, because Alo had been such a hit in such a short time, that I thought they would be able to create something more accessible for the Alo lovers out there, including myself.

Konjiki Ramen

I have Ramen snobs for friends, so when they heard that Tokyo based Konjiki Ramen was coming to Toronto, they were elated to say the least. This popular "concept ramen" restaurant comes highly recommended via Michelin's Bib Gourmand ratings for the last several years. Their chef Atsushi Yamamoto is highly regarded and am glad to see him bring a spot to Toronto.

RH Courtyard Cafe

When the RH (Restoration Hardware) store opened its doors in Yorkdale, I had a friend who was dying to go (don't know why? It's a fuckin furniture store though?) Regardless, we went. Fuck, it's beautiful. The store itself is huge and has overpriced furniture. Still beautiful. Now on the way out, we noticed all this food coming by us, so obviously my interest was piqued. They hd a cafe and friend was interested so booked some time to go and here we were.

Adrak Indian Restaurant

Wanted to do something for Diwali, so the idea of eating Indian food with a bunch of friends sounds like the logical thing to do. This Indian restaurant here looks a bit out of place because 1) it's in an office building, 2) it's surrounded by more office buildings, and 3) all those buildings are surrounded by nothing but East Asian restaurants...

Mojito Cubano

Not going to lie. I was expecting to be disappointed by Mojito Cubano. That's just what my expectations for Cuban restaurants have become here in Toronto. Don't like them. Call me snobby. I don't care. You're absolutely right. I am. I was born and raised in Miami and ate so much damn Cuban food that I never wanted Cuban food again when I left. Now I miss it terribly, and every option in Toronto has suffered to suffice. 

Colette Grand Cafe

Colette is a beautiful place inside (with beautiful people as well). We came for the boujee brunch buffet. We had Chase Gift cards, and the wife has been bugging me about splurging on a nice brunch place. Knock out two birds with one stone.

Lola's Kusina

Lola's Kusina is this tiny Filipino restaurant on Rexdale and appears to be one of the only Filipino places in Etobicoke. The place itself is rather small with only several tables for dining in, but they seemed focus on takeout with a hot counter and a small menu to boot. The people running the joint are super friendly and they do a good job explaining the menu.

Mr Six Fried Chicken

What the hell is Beijing Fried Chicken? 

When I saw this posted on the wall, I had to stop and go in. Had to. Mr Six Fried Chicken is a new chicken spot located near Midland and Finch. The place is so tiny but they still managed to sneak in a few tables and even a booth. It looks more like a Krispys or another one of those small fried chicken joints.


DaiLo is a high end Chinese fusion restaurant that incorporates a lot of Cantonese dishes but with a bit of a Western Flair. Chef Nick Liu grew up with Hakka parents (much like myself), so a lot of the flavors are familiar to me. It is a highly renowned restaurant that has been on Top restaurant listings and is one of Canada's Top 100 Restaurants of 2017. 

Symposium Cafe

The Symposium Cafe is the standard family restaurant. It's just an old-fashioned type restaurant that serves up something for everyone. It's versatile, but doesn't specifically specialize in anything at all. If a diner had a modernized makeover, it would look like the Symposium Cafe. Nothing wrong with that, but it is what it is. They have a wide variety of selections from breakfast items to sandwiches, burgers, and salads. 

416 Snack Bar

416 Snack Bar is the quintessential hipster bar on by Queen West. It's cool how the chef Adrian started up a food blog touring the city's eats, and has now turned that into a full fledge brick and mortar. The resto itself is rather small on the inside and the bar in the middle takes up most of the space anyways. Dim lighting and the menu is entirely focused on small tapas style plates with a wide ranging menu. 

Chimac Pub & Fried Chicken

Chimac is one of the newer Korean Fried Chicken restaurants to open up in Toronto. The place is much smaller than I thought, but can sit quite a crowd. It still looks rather new and they've got some expensive ass curved TVs scattered about the place as well. Of course, the obligatory Korean music videos were playing on said TVs as well.

Fortune House

Fortune House is a Cantonese restaurant around Huntingwood and Birchmount Rd. The restaurant is located in a shopping plaza with great places like Chris Jerk in the same location. However, this little Canto place is a bit dingy on the outside and just as dingy inside. The decor looks rather old, with specials and menu items sprawled on colored paper along the walls (similar to other cheaper Cantonese joints).

School Restaurant

School is a sweet little restaurant in Liberty Village that is most renowned for their brunch. It's a cool hip place that offers up a wide variety of dishes like chicken and waffles, pancakes, and french toast. Their pancakes are supposedly one of the best in all of Toronto, so we had to check it out.

Yin Ji Chang Fen

Yin Ji Chang Fen is a new HK street food restaurant located in the same plaza as the T&T. They serve up late night eats that include some dim sum items as well. Famous for their rice noodle rolls, they also serve congee, curry fish balls, and sticky rice on the menu.

Shinobu Sushi

One of the better sushi spots you'll find in the GTA.Shinobu Sushi is a tiny quaint little restaurant on Yonge near Lawrence. On this tiny strip of street, you'll find a place that seats about 20 people serving up very good sushi. You have to make reservations if you expect to get seating at the place, especially during the weekends.