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The Fish and Chip Place

You wouldn't believe the disappointment on my face when I drove right up to Shipwreck Lee's AND they were CLOSED!? Closed for renovations. Backtracking a bit, I was planning a trip to Tobermory for a while and as far as food goes, there really aren't that many options. I did know that Whitefish was a Georgian Bay delicacy and is quite popular all across the small town of Tobermory and the Bruce Peninsula in general.

Babbo Ristorante

The brainchild of one Mario Batali, Babbo Ristorante is just one of several restaurants that Batali has in New York City. This quaint Italian restaurant in Greenwich Village showcases some fine Italian cuisine with a particular focus on the pasta. 

Taste of Toronto

The Taste of Toronto festival is an annual event that features some of the top chefs across all of Toronto. Held at the Garrison Commons again at Fort York, the event has various 5-hour sessions across the weekend.