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Konjiki Ramen

I have Ramen snobs for friends, so when they heard that Tokyo based Konjiki Ramen was coming to Toronto, they were elated to say the least. This popular "concept ramen" restaurant comes highly recommended via Michelin's Bib Gourmand ratings for the last several years. Their chef Atsushi Yamamoto is highly regarded and am glad to see him bring a spot to Toronto.

Adrak Indian Restaurant

Wanted to do something for Diwali, so the idea of eating Indian food with a bunch of friends sounds like the logical thing to do. This Indian restaurant here looks a bit out of place because 1) it's in an office building, 2) it's surrounded by more office buildings, and 3) all those buildings are surrounded by nothing but East Asian restaurants...

Lola's Kusina

Lola's Kusina is this tiny Filipino restaurant on Rexdale and appears to be one of the only Filipino places in Etobicoke. The place itself is rather small with only several tables for dining in, but they seemed focus on takeout with a hot counter and a small menu to boot. The people running the joint are super friendly and they do a good job explaining the menu.

Mr Six Fried Chicken

What the hell is Beijing Fried Chicken? 

When I saw this posted on the wall, I had to stop and go in. Had to. Mr Six Fried Chicken is a new chicken spot located near Midland and Finch. The place is so tiny but they still managed to sneak in a few tables and even a booth. It looks more like a Krispys or another one of those small fried chicken joints.

Shinobu Sushi

One of the better sushi spots you'll find in the GTA.Shinobu Sushi is a tiny quaint little restaurant on Yonge near Lawrence. On this tiny strip of street, you'll find a place that seats about 20 people serving up very good sushi. You have to make reservations if you expect to get seating at the place, especially during the weekends.

Kim Tao Hot Pot

Kim Tao is an AYCE Hot pot restaurant in Richmond Hill. The place itself is HUGE. They've got so many damn tables, I would find it hard to believe if they ever were too busy to get you a table. Though not the cleanest place in the world, there aren't many hot pot restaurants that are.

Kitson & Co. Sandwiches

Kitson and Co. is a sandwich place right at the corner of Dufferin and Queen in the Parkdale neighborhood. All they do here is sandwiches, and they do them well. Don't need to get anything else. Do some sides if you please, but the sandwich is the priority here.

Asian Legend

Asian Legend is such a solid place but I always find that this location differs from the others.This location in particular is located on Sheppard and Brimley, right by the Brimley Chinese center. I almost view it like Congee Queen, but for more mainland Chinese style dishes.

Umji - Thumbs Up Korean

Thumbs Up is a Korean restaurants in a small plaza on Pharmacy and Sheppard. The place itself might look small from the outside but it's rather large inside and seating won't be an issue. They serve all Korean dishes with minor influence from others.

Drupati's Doubles & Roti Shop

Drupati’s is this small Caribbean/Trinidadian restaurant that has locations across the GTA. The place here is rather large and you order by going to the back counter. The menu here offers up lots of West Indies staples like doubles, roti, jerk, etc.

Mi Pho Song Vu

Mi Pho Song Vu is a small Vietnamese restaurant that kind of looks like a diner from the outside. Despite that, it looks rather nice inside (and it probably was). It has a narrow dining area where you can sit down and the server will bring the menus. The menu is rather large, but primarily Vietnamese cuisine options like pho, vermicelli, and rice dishes.

Dazzling Cafe

The Dazzling Cafe is yet another Taiwanese chain that is making its way to the Greater Toronto Area. This particular chain is popular in Taiwan and already has locations in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and British Columbia to name a few. When you walk in, you can see where they get their name as it is a rather elegant looking interior that is both modern chic yet has a young vibe to it. The offerings are primarily dessert with a few pasta, pizza, and rice dishes thrown into the mix. And of course, the fruitiest drinks possible.

The Sultan's Tent & Cafe Moroc

The Sultan's Tent pops up quite a bit as one of those unique Toronto dining experiences due mainly in part to the belly dancing shows that occur on some nights. The place itself is actually rather nice, albeit, a bit hidden down Front St. just west of the St. Lawrence Market.The décor makes it feel as though you're in an exotic environment, but surrounded by touristy individuals such as yourself.

Kaboom Chicken

I have tried so many Korean Fried Chicken places in Toronto and GTA proper. Many of them were similar and had sort of the same type of fried chicken with minor variations from each other. This place does it completely different.

B'saha Restaurant

B'saha was a place I had actually never heard about but was drawn in by the idea of Moroccan street food. So in we went. The place itself is pretty small and the counter also acts as the kitchen so you can order and watch them cook and prepare the food for you. The menu offers Moroccan fare, which I found very similar to Middle Eastern cuisine.

Pho 88 Vietnamese Restaurant

People I've talked to love this place.'s mediocre at best.

Not sure if Pho 88 is a chain restaurant as it has locations pretty much everywhere. (Many Viet restaurants just names themselves "Pho (Insert Number)" anyways) The place itself is located in a small strip mall where the Foody Mart is. Menu is big and offers up all the Viet staples, but with more Chinese influence.


Stack is a BBQ restaurant in Uptown Toronto, North York around Yonge St. and Lawrence. The restaurant looks more like a sports bar and the interior is rather cool. The menu offers up lots of BBQ options like brisket, pulled pork, chicken, and ribs. The more impressive options were the wide variety of sandwiches and burgers they had as well.

Pinky's Ca Phe

Pinky's Ca Phe (nice play on words) is a new Vietnamese BBQ restaurant in Little Italy (College and Clinton St). From the same minds who did OddSeoul and Hanmoto. Be careful not to walk right by as it looks just like somebody's house complete with a fenced gate and all.

Hometown Hot Pot & BBQ

In Little Italy (close enough to Chinatown), there is a hot pot restaurant that has garnered quite some praise from Chinese friends of mine. Hometown Hot Pot and BBQ offers AYCE hot pot and bbq items (separately or together if desired).

Sabai Sabai

Sabai Sabai is a popular Thai restaurant in Toronto. They just moved from their old location near Ryerson to the corner of Park Rd and Bloor St. The new location is still rather large and kind of us has the same feel.