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Landmark Seafood

Landmark Seafood is a Chinese restaurant on McNicoll and Vic Park. The place looks more like a dingier banquet hall with the rather outdated decor and lighting. Despite that, this place is absolutely rammed for their dim sum because of their all-day low price special. (Pretty much around $2.50 per plate on weekends and $2.35 on weekdays. 

416 Snack Bar

416 Snack Bar is the quintessential hipster bar on by Queen West. It's cool how the chef Adrian started up a food blog touring the city's eats, and has now turned that into a full fledge brick and mortar. The resto itself is rather small on the inside and the bar in the middle takes up most of the space anyways. Dim lighting and the menu is entirely focused on small tapas style plates with a wide ranging menu. 

Mean Bao

Mean Bao is a fast food joint that offers up dim sum. They actually have several locations. This one in particular is rather small and dingy. The place itself is quite popular and the menu, which hangs on the wall, offers up a variety of steamed baos and some dim sum items.

Rol San

Rol San is a dim sum restaurant located in the heart of Chinatown in Downtown Toronto. The place comes up anytime someone downtown mentions dim sum in the city. It is quite popular (especially amongst the late night crowd as it does stay open rather late). Their likely claim to fame is the fact that they offer dim sum all day, which can be nice to satisfy the occasional shrimp dumpling craving at midnight. 

Happy Jade Seafood Restaurant

Not the best dim sum in the GTA/Toronto by any stretch but certainly for Mississauga considering how few options there are around the area. Happy Jade is a bit of a dingy Chinese place, but definitely resembles a bunch of the Cantonese restaurants you'll find out East. Dim sum is offered throughout breakfast and lunch, and you'll be able to get some Chinese bbq in the lunch hours as well.

Premiere Ballroom & Convention Centre

Our visit to Premiere was strictly for the dim sum. As soon as you walk into the "ballroom", you feel like you walked into an old Victorian European museum. It's so weird to see Chinese restaurants have random pictures of European war heroes and royalty plastered on the wall? It makes it a bit more weird to be eating chicken feet while those paintings are staring back at me in disgust.