The Fish and Chip Place

The Fish and Chip Place


The Fish and Chip Place
24 Bay Street S
Tobermory, ON N0H 2R0
(519) 596-8380


You wouldn't believe the disappointment on my face when I drove right up to Shipwreck Lee's AND they were CLOSED!? Closed for renovations. Backtracking a bit, I was planning a trip to Tobermory for a while and as far as food goes, there really aren't that many options. 

I did know that Whitefish was a Georgian Bay delicacy and is quite popular all across the small town of Tobermory and the Bruce Peninsula in general. Shipwreck Lee's was my targeted spot, but with them closed, a quick search on Yelp leads us to The Fish and Chip Place. Not the most clever of names, but at least we know what they're about.


The restaurant is rather large and definitely appeals to the masses with its large outdoor patio and casual atmosphere. The menu is rather large and offers a variety of fried seafood and chips (fries). We ordered the Whitefish and Chips, Shrimp and Chips, Calamari, and their "famous" fish taco.

The Whitefish and Chips were great. I really liked the flakiness of the fish, while also how tender and meaty it was as a whole. The batter was very thin and light, which I love. HATE thick battered fish and chips like you get all across Toronto. Not greasy in the slightest, and the skin is hit or miss. Some parts, I loved the skin on. Also, the fries are fantastic. I love good crispy fries. Overall, pretty good.


The Shrimp and Chips were more because the wife was unsure how she would like the whitefish, so the shrimp were a safety blanket for her. The shrimp were actually rather nice and plump. The batter was again, nice and thin. Should have been seasoned more though as it really had nothing.


The Calamari were thin strips of fresh calamari. Very tender strips (despite being deep fried) and though I enjoyed the calamari, the batter was too much. All you could taste was batter and nothing of the calamari. Could have been anything really. 


The "Famous" Fish Taco they have was awful though. A shame really, because it's not even a taco. They serve it to you wrapped up as if they stopped by the gas station on the way to pick it up? It's like a burrito with salsa and slaw and chunks of fried whitefish. The whitefish is good, and the slaw aint bad either, but a giant soggy, floppy, and drooping flour tortilla shell made for a sad excuse for a taco. 


If you're looking for Whitefish and Chips, you should come and give this place a shot. The Fish and Chips were actually quite good. Shrimp was also decent. Avoid the taco if you can. Service here is super friendly. They walk with an extra pep in their step, which is nice. It was a bit slow when we were there, but I'm sure they were winding down into the off-season. I can only imagine how busy they get in the summer. It'd be worth coming to then as well.


Ambience: B+ | Service: B+ | Price: B- | Food: B-


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