The Dumpling King

Northern style Chinese Restaurant that offers up more than just dumplings and northern style dim sum. The place itself is located in the Chinese plaza hiding around the Midland/Finch area. The restaurant is rather clean and service is real quick actually.

Le Cafe Michi

Looking at the prices for Le Cafe Michi, I was caught a bit off guard as most everything is more expensive than other places. I thought the food had better be good and it actually was! The place is tiny like a small cafe with a sushi bar in the back that is a bit hidden. The cakes and such are on display as soon as you walk in, but it can get a bit cramp, especially when there's a crowd. Menu offers some Japanese cafe dishes along with sushi.

Miami Smokers Urban Smokehouse

Miami Smokers Urban Smokehouse made me believe that it was a BBQ joint where I could get smoked meat, ribs, and maybe even some brisket? (Fingers crossed). However, it is a place for all things pork. Acting more as a deli/charcuterie that offers up a wide variety of pig products and plates. The menu offers many different sandwiches, sausage plates, and even whole pigs and candied bacon!? 

Sakaya Kitchen

Sakaya Kitchen is the brick and mortar restaurant that stems from Dim Ssam a Go Go. This food truck turned restaurant offers Asian fusion at its finest that borrows from a variety of Asian cuisines and mashes them well with American cuisine. Offerings like Bulgogi Chunk’d Tots, Bulgogi burgers, Duck Baos, and Korean Fried Chicken Wings are some of what is on the menu.

Enriquetas Cafe

Enriquetas is a small Cuban cafeteria that is, honestly, in the middle of nowhere. The place itself is surrounded by nothing, but it stands alone as one of the top mentioned places for the best Cuban sandwich in all of Miami. From the Miami Times to Eater and Thrillist, this little cafeteria has gained quite the reputation, so I obviously needed to go.

Pueblito Viejo

Pueblito Viejo is a Colombian restaurant located on Bird Rd right across from Tropical Park. The place is a rather large stand alone restaurant that looks like a rather “old house” from afar. The inside looks like something out of an old museum for those who suffer from ADHD.

Cows - Banff

Great little ice cream shop on Banff Avenue. The place itself has a banner that says Canada's Ice Cream, so you can't miss it. Originally from Prince Edward Island, the place is apparently one of the best places in the world to get ice cream?

Melissa's Missteak

Melissa's Missteak is the actual name of the place according to the sign outside. The place is located away from all the touristy action, but I read good things so decided to drop by for brunch before we took from Banff for good.

Pie Commission

Why are there not more places like the Pie Commission around Toronto!!The Pie Commission is a small hole in the wall that is making flaky meat pies out the side door like it's illegal. The pies they are baking are individual sized pies that are the perfect lunch. If you don't know what it's like, imagine various flavors of chicken pot pie.

Kitson & Co. Sandwiches

Kitson and Co. is a sandwich place right at the corner of Dufferin and Queen in the Parkdale neighborhood. All they do here is sandwiches, and they do them well. Don't need to get anything else. Do some sides if you please, but the sandwich is the priority here.

Asian Legend

Asian Legend is such a solid place but I always find that this location differs from the others.This location in particular is located on Sheppard and Brimley, right by the Brimley Chinese center. I almost view it like Congee Queen, but for more mainland Chinese style dishes.

Umji - Thumbs Up Korean

Thumbs Up is a Korean restaurants in a small plaza on Pharmacy and Sheppard. The place itself might look small from the outside but it's rather large inside and seating won't be an issue. They serve all Korean dishes with minor influence from others.

Good Catch Boil House

Good Catch Boil House is a new seafood boil restaurant in Markham around Birchmount and Hwy 7. The place itself is located by the Cineplex Markham Theatre and is HUGE. These seafood boil places are popping up all over the city and there is a huge boom for it right now. However, the big differentiator here is the rather diverse menu and giant sports bar feel behind it. 

Bear Street Tavern

Bear Street Tavern is a small spot that is right below the Bison Restaurant. They are owned by the same people and share the same venue (of sorts). The patio out front can be nice, but they also have a patio out back and a nice bar inside. The menu offers up standard sandwiches with pizzas as well.


Bareburger is a dine-in burger joint right by the Eaton Centre. The place is rather large and has a pretty modern cabin kind of feel. The chain can be found all across Northeast America, so its nice to see it make its way to Canada. Their bread and butter is organic butters made in house and crafted just the way you want it to be.

Mean Bao

Mean Bao is a fast food joint that offers up dim sum. They actually have several locations. This one in particular is rather small and dingy. The place itself is quite popular and the menu, which hangs on the wall, offers up a variety of steamed baos and some dim sum items.

Drupati's Doubles & Roti Shop

Drupati’s is this small Caribbean/Trinidadian restaurant that has locations across the GTA. The place here is rather large and you order by going to the back counter. The menu here offers up lots of West Indies staples like doubles, roti, jerk, etc.

Rol San

Rol San is a dim sum restaurant located in the heart of Chinatown in Downtown Toronto. The place comes up anytime someone downtown mentions dim sum in the city. It is quite popular (especially amongst the late night crowd as it does stay open rather late). Their likely claim to fame is the fact that they offer dim sum all day, which can be nice to satisfy the occasional shrimp dumpling craving at midnight. 

Qing Feng Bun

Nice little Northern style Chinese bun restaurant by Midland and Finch. The place is tiny and is surrounded by some big name places, but I'm sure they get their regulars. They serve primarily steamed buns with some dumplings and soups to complement. 

Mi Pho Song Vu

Mi Pho Song Vu is a small Vietnamese restaurant that kind of looks like a diner from the outside. Despite that, it looks rather nice inside (and it probably was). It has a narrow dining area where you can sit down and the server will bring the menus. The menu is rather large, but primarily Vietnamese cuisine options like pho, vermicelli, and rice dishes.