Good Catch Boil House

Good Catch Boil House is a new seafood boil restaurant in Markham around Birchmount and Hwy 7. The place itself is located by the Cineplex Markham Theatre and is HUGE. These seafood boil places are popping up all over the city and there is a huge boom for it right now. However, the big differentiator here is the rather diverse menu and giant sports bar feel behind it. 

Bear Street Tavern

Bear Street Tavern is a small spot that is right below the Bison Restaurant. They are owned by the same people and share the same venue (of sorts). The patio out front can be nice, but they also have a patio out back and a nice bar inside. The menu offers up standard sandwiches with pizzas as well.


Bareburger is a dine-in burger joint right by the Eaton Centre. The place is rather large and has a pretty modern cabin kind of feel. The chain can be found all across Northeast America, so its nice to see it make its way to Canada. Their bread and butter is organic butters made in house and crafted just the way you want it to be.

Mean Bao

Mean Bao is a fast food joint that offers up dim sum. They actually have several locations. This one in particular is rather small and dingy. The place itself is quite popular and the menu, which hangs on the wall, offers up a variety of steamed baos and some dim sum items.

Drupati's Doubles & Roti Shop

Drupati’s is this small Caribbean/Trinidadian restaurant that has locations across the GTA. The place here is rather large and you order by going to the back counter. The menu here offers up lots of West Indies staples like doubles, roti, jerk, etc.

Rol San

Rol San is a dim sum restaurant located in the heart of Chinatown in Downtown Toronto. The place comes up anytime someone downtown mentions dim sum in the city. It is quite popular (especially amongst the late night crowd as it does stay open rather late). Their likely claim to fame is the fact that they offer dim sum all day, which can be nice to satisfy the occasional shrimp dumpling craving at midnight. 

Qing Feng Bun

Nice little Northern style Chinese bun restaurant by Midland and Finch. The place is tiny and is surrounded by some big name places, but I'm sure they get their regulars. They serve primarily steamed buns with some dumplings and soups to complement. 

Mi Pho Song Vu

Mi Pho Song Vu is a small Vietnamese restaurant that kind of looks like a diner from the outside. Despite that, it looks rather nice inside (and it probably was). It has a narrow dining area where you can sit down and the server will bring the menus. The menu is rather large, but primarily Vietnamese cuisine options like pho, vermicelli, and rice dishes.

The Real McCoy Burgers & Pizza

Here's the real deal on the Real McCoy. The place is a certified hole in the wall with a pair of cool dudes whipping up some mean burgers. The place isn't much to look at minus some plaques scattered on the wall and a dining area that consists of 2 bar stools and an old countertop.

Union Chicken

Union Chicken is a rotisserie chicken restaurant at Sherway Gardens in Etobicoke. Located right at the south end of Sherway Gardens, the restaurant is pretty cool. Very warm and inviting inside with a peek into the chickens cooking on the rotisserie. Menu is basically chicken everything from dinner plates to sandwiches and some Southern influenced sides.  

Home Of Hot Taste

Home of Hot Taste is this small Korean Fried Chicken place that has a reputation for being one of the best places to get KFC, but it was a bit lackluster. The restaurant itself is located close to Yonge and Bloor and is right across the street from the Toronto Hemp Company....

Bar Isabel

Bar Isabel is a Spanish tapas restaurant/bar located on College St near Ossington. Considered the #8 restaurant in Canada 2015 in Canada's Top 100 Restaurants, the restaurant already has quite the reputation.

Ruelo Patisserie

Ruelo Patisserie is a small dessert and cafe spot in Times Square on Leslie and Highway 7. They serve a wide variety of cakes, teas, drinks, and the like. It's rather small with only a few tables, but the place is real clean and has a nice decor and interior.

Dazzling Cafe

The Dazzling Cafe is yet another Taiwanese chain that is making its way to the Greater Toronto Area. This particular chain is popular in Taiwan and already has locations in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and British Columbia to name a few. When you walk in, you can see where they get their name as it is a rather elegant looking interior that is both modern chic yet has a young vibe to it. The offerings are primarily dessert with a few pasta, pizza, and rice dishes thrown into the mix. And of course, the fruitiest drinks possible.

Happy Jade Seafood Restaurant

Not the best dim sum in the GTA/Toronto by any stretch but certainly for Mississauga considering how few options there are around the area. Happy Jade is a bit of a dingy Chinese place, but definitely resembles a bunch of the Cantonese restaurants you'll find out East. Dim sum is offered throughout breakfast and lunch, and you'll be able to get some Chinese bbq in the lunch hours as well.

The Sultan's Tent & Cafe Moroc

The Sultan's Tent pops up quite a bit as one of those unique Toronto dining experiences due mainly in part to the belly dancing shows that occur on some nights. The place itself is actually rather nice, albeit, a bit hidden down Front St. just west of the St. Lawrence Market.The décor makes it feel as though you're in an exotic environment, but surrounded by touristy individuals such as yourself.

Woody's Burger Bar

Woody's Burger Bar is a small corner burger joint on Lakeshore right by the Brown's Line. The place is tiny inside, but they make good use of the space. As soon as you walk in, you're pretty much staring at a menu on the wall that is almost strictly burgers (with some pulled pork specials as well).

Goulash House

The Goulash House is located right on Main St in Newmarket. The Goulash House can be found right across the street from the Maid's Cottage and it stands on the corner of another street so the window views inside the restaurant are as good as it gets for this quaint little town. The restaurant is very intimate and nice inside. We came for dinner so the ambiance of the whole place was very romantic and quiet, which we enjoyed.

La Maison VIP

Nice little gem in Montreal Chinatown. La Maison is a place that looks like it would be overlooked (had it not been for Yelp of course). The restaurant is located in Chinatown of Montreal and looks kinda shady from the outside. The menu had all the favorite Chinese dishes and we were off...

Restaurant L'Avenue

The epitome of an amazing brunch minus the wait. If you come to Montreal and you're feeling brunch, but don't come to L'Avenue, you're a fool. Restaurant L'Avenue gets a bit of hype so expectations are a bit high, but I thought this place was as good as it gets.